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Singing is getting more and more public recognition for its potential to build community, uplift spirits and increase physical wellbeing. Here is a collection of media articles, features and videos to inform and inspire you about the groups and projects I have worked with! There are some useful links too if you would like to find out more about inspiring organizations and initiatives related to my work.


Channel5 News item about Womb Song at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
Song Works performing Shosholosa at Marasong, Thames Festival 2010


An article about Song Works in Heart Matters, the British Heart Foundation Magazine in January 2011 about how singing can lift your spirits and is good for your health
An article about Womb Song published in the London Evening Standard in March 2011
An article about Singing for Breathing at the Royal Brompton Hospital published in Asthma UK in July 2011
Article about the benefits of Womb Song and singing during pregnancy in the Mail Online from March 2011