Womb Song - singing group for parents-to-be

Your baby’s first awareness of a world ‘out there’ is the noises they hear! Research shows that singing during pregnancy has many benefits for pregnant women and their babies during pregnancy, labour and after the birth.

Womb Song is an informal, supportive and relaxed singing group for pregnant women and their partners where you can:
•    strengthen communication with your baby
•    prepare for labour with vocal and breathing exercises
•    build your musical confidence and repertoire

Buy the Womb Song CD!

The Womb Song CD is now available to buy for £10 + p & p. Contact me if you would like to buy one. 

The album contains a selection of soulful songs to sooth and uplift parents and babies as well as older children. It includes easy to learn world folk songs and lullabies- perfect for singing with your little ones and a great alternative to traditional nursery rhymes.

The CD was originally created as part of the Womb Song workshops at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Funds raised through CD sales will support arts projects at the hospital run by cw+ health charity.

You can listen to some of the tracks from the CD here.

Womb Song at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 

I created and led a series of free Womb Song workshops open to all pregnant women and their partners at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. 

These groups are not currently running, but if you would like to find out more, please contact: cw+

You can also look at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital website

I run Womb Song groups for individuals or groups of friends in their own homes, or chosen locations, either on a regular or a one-off basis. Contact me to find out more.

Things people have said about Womb Song

“I feel confident and more inclined to sing.”
“Just lovely, I forgot how lovely singing is; I feel inspired to make singing part of my child’s life.”
“Womb Song has made me very comfortable with the hospital and de-medicalised it as a space.”
“It is a very relaxing way to connect with your body to the baby.”
“Hopefully I will find the breathing and relaxation useful in the future.”