CHC Jammers

Running from 2008, CHC Jammers was a singing group for people who have experienced homelessness. The group was open to local residents as well as Ashrord House customers. There were regular opportunities to perform at the centre and community events. At concerts the singers often came together with with the in house  music group.

As well as making people feel good, the group helped to increase members’ confidence and creativity, build social connections with the local community, combat stigma around homelessness and help people find routes out of isolation.

Members of the CHC Jammers were committed and passionate about the group and welcomed and supported new members.

I facilitated the group from 2008 to 2012, although it has recently stopped running due to funding shortages.  

Things people have said about CHC Jammers:

 “This was a great session. I always feel good singing. It helps me not think about the bad in my life.” 
“This is the first time I have come. I was very surprised how comfortable I felt. I was very self-conscious in the beginning. It was surprisingly liberating and uplifting.” 
“It was beautiful. I would like to record the stuff we sang today.” 
“It was a challenge and I like that.” 
“I love singing. It is a great way to get rid of pent up emotions.”